About Dyson Advice

Dyson Advice is your one-stop shop for Dyson knowledge:  This site is filled with information about Dyson spares and Dyson repairs for the full range of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

If you own a Dyson vacuum cleaner, whether it’s a DC01, DC02, DC07 or DC14, you will have made a considerable investment in a piece of equipment for your home.  As such, it’s understandable you want to protect this investment and keep your appliance working at its best for as long as possible:  This is where our information about buying and fitting Dyson spares comes in really handy.

We have information on many Dyson models including information about maintaining your Dyson, caring for your Dyson and how to repair common Dyson faults.  Where possible we highlight opportunities to save money by carrying out the repairs yourself using Dyson spares.  Often all you need is the right Dyson parts and a little know-how and you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by repairing your existing appliance instead of buying a whole new one.  A wide range of Dyson spares are available online from 4YourDyson to help you extend your appliance lifetime and get your money’s worth from your vacuum.  These Dyson parts include Dyson motors, Dyson filters, Dyson batteries, Dyson hoses and other Dyson spares.

To help you locate the Dyson vacuum replacement parts you need we have published a handy guide on how to find your Dyson serial number.  It is essential you know your Dyson serial number when buying Dyson spares online to ensure you get the right parts for your appliance.  We also touch on the range of Dyson tools and Dyson accessories available:   Products, such as the Dyson crevice tool and the Dyson stairs tool help expand the scope and depth of clean you can achieve with your vacuum.

To find the specific Dyson model you are interested in (for information or advice on available Dyson spares), use the navigation tool down the side of the page.  Vacuums are categorised by whether they are upright, cylinder or handheld machines and subsequently divided into their model number.